Using our many years of experience with numerous installations in private and public laboratories, we have developed “Microlab”, a new software-based laboratory and information management system (LIMS).

Being reasonably priced, user-friendly and easy to use while incorporating smart applications to meet the complex requirements of any modern laboratory, “Microlab” is the ideal solution for small, medium and large clinical laboratories.

Using “MICROLAB”, any laboratory will:

  • Effectively organize patient data files.
  • Effortlessly and cost effectively reduce the error probability in pro-analytic, analytic and post-analytic tasks.
  • Be easily connected with any reference laboratory.
  • Take full advantage of all the installed analyzers’ capabilities
  • Improve the reports’ layout.

Basic characteristics of MICROLAB

  • Configured to meet the specific needs of each laboratory (fully customizable)
  • Fully compatible with the new Greek Health Care System.
  • Easy and user friendly patients’ history filing system.
  • Fully automated with barcode reading and printing.
  • Bi-directional communication with all modern automated laboratory analyzers
  • Bi-directional communication with all reference laboratories. Additional capabilities with respect to reports layout when connected to BIOFORMA SA reference laboratory
  • Multiuser access with adjustable permissions’ levels, specifically designed for large diagnostic centers and hospital laboratories.
  • Statistical analysis for patients, diagnostic tests and financial data.
  • Basic accounting organization and management
  • Customized report layout per test category, meeting the specific needs of any laboratory.
  • Remote online technical support, on-sight technical support all over Greece.

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