Hemolyzer 5


The advanced solution in 5–part-differential hematology made in Germany by Analyticon enhances laboratory productivity, flexibility with low operating and maintenance costs, and quality adding value to any hematology laboratory. The instrument uses well established methods like impedance and photometric measurements as well as an innovative optical measurement (laser-based scattering technology) in order to guarantee a precise and accurate 24 parameter complete blood count profile including 5-part WBC differential results. The optional autoloader unit enables a walk–away automation of closed tube sampling, including cap recognition and cap piercing, with a capacity of 100 vials at a throughput of 60 samples per hour.

Basic Technical Specifications

  • Provides 24-parameters complete blood count including a 5-part WBC differential
  • High throughput of 60 samples per hour
  • Whole blood aspiration volume is 100μl (and 25μl in version ‘Small Sample Module’)
  • Easy-to-use, user interface on a color touch screen LCD (10.4”)
  • Full quality control management system including Levey-Jennings diagrams, separate QC database
  • Data storage capacity of max. 10.000 records including histograms
  • Bi-directional LIS connection
  • Integrated BARCODE reader
  • USB memory stick for software upgrade and measured data
  • Windows compatible printers are supported
  • Addition of Autoloader unit is possible at any time and will be automatically recognized by the software

Product Category: aima